About Roaring Gap Springs

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Our Water

Our natural spring water flows straight from a pristine aquifer located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina at the Eastern Continental Divide.

Roaring Gap Springs was developed following the stringent guidelines set forth by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture - Food and Drug Safety Division.

Natural underground pressure pushes our water to the earth's surface through an enclosed piping system which was installed during the process of excavating and encasing - sealing - the spring. The initial holding tank at our spring is filled by gravity and the natural underground pressure previously mentioned. However, the water now flows through a sanitary piping system at the same ground level from which it originally flowed.

To summarize, Roaring Gap Springs does not pump water from the aquifer. Roaring Gap Springs uses no underground wells to harvest the water. Our water naturally rises to the earth's surface as it originally did, but now the spring site is completely enclosed and the water rises through a sanitary piping system to insure that it will never come into contact with any type of undesirable bacteria.

Roaring Gap Springs natural mountain spring water is a uniquely precious and sustainable resource!